The Cornerstone Difference

Cornerstone Research is California’s first research medical cannabis collective. Our focus is on the science of medical cannabis, from the strict criteria we use to select our medicinal strains to the microscopic inspection of all products for contaminants. We actively solicit members with extensive experience in growing their own medicine and who are willing to furnish excess medicine to other patients for whom growing is not feasible.

Medicine selection based on the latest research

Previously, medical cannabis dispensaries have been unable to provide patients with scientifically valid information about medicinal cannabis products. Cornerstone is the first collective that shares the latest medical cannabis research with the Los Angeles patient community. From accurate information on strain genetics to optimal medication strategies, Cornerstone assists their patient-members to learn more about their medicine. Cornerstone encourages its members whom choose to smoke their medicinal cannabis to select the most potent strains to reduce the amount of tar they consume. We also advise our patients on the safest methods to vaporize and consume cannabis in order to eliminate smoking. At Cornerstone we are dedicated to providing the most potent and cleanest medicinal cannabis available anywhere.

Making the right choice

Choosing the right cannabis medicine can be difficult. Cornerstone accurately describes their medicinal cannabis strains using the latest botanical science from leading universities and pharmaceutical research groups. Cornerstone uses the currently accepted indica, afghanica and kafirstanica classifications in its StrainWiki, which more accurately describe cannabis genetics. Since many patients respond differently to medicinal cannabis strains, we collect survey data from our patients that we share with all members to help them make more informed choices.

Microscopic inspection for purity

Quality control for medicinal cannabis at California collectives is poor or non-existent. Molds and insect damage are the most common contaminants of medical cannabis. Molds pose a special threat to patients using cannabis, since smoking or vaporizing does not destroy mold toxins. All Cornerstone medicinal cannabis is tested at a professional laboratory to detect contamination by mold or insect damage. Cannabis is a perishable product, Cornerstone refrigerates its medicine in order to preserve purity and potency. Many collectives still use inexpensive plastic packaging for their cannabis medicines. These collectives are unaware that naturally occurring solvents in cannabis interact with plastics to form carcinogens such as formaldehyde. Cornerstone only uses glass and chemical-resistant polypropylene to package medicinal cannabis.

Being good neighbors

A scientific approach is just one aspect of how Cornerstone enables safe access for its patient-members. Cornerstone is deeply committed to being an exemplary member of the community, including providing affordable medicinal cannabis to patients on SSI and disability. We also donate a significant portion of our revenues to benefit health and welfare organizations including Americans for Safe Access, The Marijuana Policy Project, AIDS Project LA, Project CBD, Greater Los Angeles Collective Alliance, National Cannabis Industry Association and the American Cancer Society.